Tuesday, May 10, 2011

diy: flutter flower shirt

I originally saw this upcycled shirt idea on dollar store crafts' facebook page.  I fell in love and had to try it immediately.

the only thing that I didn't like about this tutorial was how it wasted a perfectly fine t-shirt to make the fluttery ruffle flowers.  I had some thrifted pillowcases on hand, so I decided to use those instead.  I made two, and I have the fabric and shirt on hand for a navy one.  each shirt cost me $4, and the pillowcases were $.50 each (you can make several shirts with one pillowcase).  it takes me an average of 2 hours per shirt.

white with ivory and pastel florals

gray with white and seafoam florals

if you decide to try this project, please remember to hand wash and air dry.  this is a practice you really should adopt for any ruffly embellished tee.  it's a pain, but the price you have to pay to live lavishly in ruffles.  a fair price to pay, if you ask me.

ashli crowe

p.s. the photos shown were taken using the instagram app for iphone. if you have an iphone, you really must download this app!  it's free.  follow yours truly under "factorygirlashli".

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  1. I love that you repurposed sheeting instead of wasting a t-shirt to adorn the other one. :)