Friday, April 29, 2011

relocation & a call for sponsors!

oh, hello.

after making the decision to close my etsy shop at the end of May, I have decided to get serious into the blogging business.  I still have an old blog, but I wanted to find new followers and re-brand my blogging self.  this blog will contain some thrifty looks (I do not, by any means, claim to be fashionable.  I just dress to make myself happy and do it on a budget.  sometimes I feel like sharing it.), diy ideas and tutorials (from myself and others I have found on the internets), things I find inspiring, places of interest (mostly local, but as I travel I will post about those places), and food (recipes and tutorials from either myself or clever discoveries).

while I get the blog set up, I would like to offer free ad space to the first ten people who reply to this post.  you can advertise any of your websites (blog, etsy shop, bigcartel, etc), but you have to already have a button designed.

once I get settled and accumulate a few followers, I will post again with rates.  it will probably be relatively low, because I'm not necessarily interested in making money from blogging.  I just need it to organize thoughts.

if you want to put your button up on this baby of a blog, send an email to factorygirlashli [at] yahoo [dot] com with "Blog Advertising" in the subject line.  include the code for your button.  I will keep all of this sponsors until I get my first 100 followers. at that time, I will post info for advertisements.

ashli crowe